Ain't No Rhyme
Lyrics: Henry Biggs
Music: Henry Biggs and Mylene Farmer

take a long look at this face I wear
worl's goin down from what I see and hear
boy takes a gun to the mama he loves
kills her for money one of his last moves
tries to play low but whaddaya know
boy's in the pen he be there to the end now
drugs take another chump and mess with his mind
and he blows away ten like dust in the wind
he shakes like a leaf with the gun in his mouth
and boom goes another boy in his youth
next days paper I sit down and read
innocent people stabbed and shot dead
I shed my tears for the way the world goes
pray to god but I don't know what that does
try and cry from the womb to the tomb
cuz this world ain't but a floatin time bomb

there ain't no rhyme ain't no reason ain't no rhyme ain't no reason
ain't no rhyme ain't no reason ain't no rhyme ain't no reason

I bust my butt but what does it come to
still I got nothin but a hole to go home to
poor in the street and everybody wants
but look at me bro I got holes in my pants
I can't step to a woman cuz every time I lose
women see my rags they play me ice close
I wanna keep clean but I think why bother
why not live large like every other brother
I'm just scrapin by tryin to make a living
but if I worked the street yo I'd be thriving
I play the game straight but yo it's too tough
look at me and what I been through
I oughtta high-step yep and roll on downtown
deal a little smell but with a car of my own
cuz straight don't pay it only pays to push
I'm a kick back and sniff for my rush cuz


Ain't nowhere to run to ain't nowhere to go
no way to stop ain't nothin' to do
I try to fight it but I ain't got the power
just feel myself sinkin lower and lower
so I'm gonna live a little before I'm gone
since they ain't no justice I'm a go it alone
buy myself a fine car and jack some heat
work the streets and get paid for my sweat
shoulda started this when I was a punk teen
now I'm a roll before I'm a has-been
front like a mother and start to live
ain't messing with no more Johnny B Goode jive
cold is the rule fool don't matter the cost
playin clean's like gettin tied to a whippin post
you know these days you run for cover
cuz the days of right and wrong are over

The Puzzle . . .

Look closely at each pair of lines, especially the last word in each line.
What do they have in common?
(hint: imagine reading this without knowing how to pronounce the words)

(another hint: pay close attention to the title)

How does this add to the overall meaning of the song?

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