Bang Bang
Lyrics: Henry Biggs

I woke up-
Boom! in the gutter and I shuddered  
And recovered 'nother summer
Getting number goin' under
Man I wonder is it ever gonna stop!!

Up to the street on my feet take a leak man I reek  
I wipe the puke from my cheek
And I seek to retreat
from the pig who beat me last week
Ah Sh-t
Here he comes, gotta run from his gun
Gotta hide, gotta break wide
Damn pig is thinkin' homicide
He says punk if I was you I'd

Come on boy.

Bang, bang, bang play with me
Bang, bang, bang play with me
Bang, bang, bang play with me
Bang, bang, bang--you're dead
You're dead, boy
You're dead! You're dead!

How you feel boy? Got more where that came from.

Crawlin' from the place wipe the blood from my face
Disgrace to the human race that's what the man says
Kicks me in the teeth, losin' strength, lose my breath
Smell of death closin' in
I can't win!
I got nowhere to run to
There's no escape from this pig's rape
He's got my head bangin' on a steel grate
Start to suffocate says son just STOP!

Dance for me boy!


Yeah, this is modern day law and order
Walkin' a down man down death's corridor
The rich are beautiful but if you're livin' in shanties
Polite police become pigs and vigilantes
You may one day commit the poor man's felony
And hear  the policeman's pretty little melody
Being tapped out on your head
It goes