Between Clenched Teeth

Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Feel the rhythm x 5

Fly, fly, be free
(help me, help me, help me)
Fly, fly, be free
(help me, help me, help me)

Verse 1
She’s perfectly pretty, well respected, never seems stressed, she’s the best
Slender, svelte legs, pert chest, well-heeled, even-keeled, yes, everywhere blessed, 
My, my, my, the mystery temptress seeeems extremely fly
Hermes ensembles, French styles , DKNY
Bentleys, Beemers, Mercedes Benz, (beep, beep!),  jewelry—yes, the perfect gems, 
NYC, even Greece the weekends, See, G, her green never ends! 
She’s twenty-seven--where’s she get the Gs then? Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Wellllll, she never rests, never sleeps
Relentlessly  perseveres even when sheer hell’s by her feet
Steel-nerved, steel-tested, she’s NEVER been bested
Never needs help, yes, she’s the perfect, new breed, 
She seems Nestle’s, Hershey’s sweet, 

Yet Secretly, 
she weeps 
She trembles
Her veneer melts

Secretly, secretly

Between Clenched Teeth
She yells set me free
Between Clenched Teeth
She yells let me be me
Between Clenched Teeth
She  yells- let me be myself
Between clenched teeth
She yells- HEEELP! 

Verse 2
Then she checks herself, re-represses herself, 
gets perfectly self-centered, then resets herself
“Let me be free”, she sneers, “never”
“See, excellence never rests” she tells herself 
Then her men? When? Well, never! Never, never get her. 
She’s better, they’re never the clever type, she’ll reply 
"she’s never free” She’ll deny why, yet see, secretly, 
she resents them, detests them, even feels they’re the enemy,
They’ll breed dependence, helplessness,  enfeebled defenselessness--
Yet, my, my they never let her deep freeze be
They’ll yell “hey Jezebel, we’ll never tell," 
 “hey, pretty nymphette, let’s get between the sheets!”
Eccchhh! Perverts! Creeps! They’ll never ever get me
When they heckle her, pester her why’s she need the seedy scene. 
She’ll get by, she’ll never let them see  

She needs them
She feels empty
She’ll cry her eyes red

Secretly, Secretly…

nevertheless she never ever gets there!

Fly, fly, be free
(help me, help me, help me)
Fly, fly, be free
(help me, help me, help me)

Here's the sweetness:
MMMMM . . . get get get get reckless.
MMMMM. . . get get get messy.
MMMMHMMMMM yesssssss, get sexy.
Get helter-skelter.

Fly, fly, be free
(help me, help me, help me, help me, help me)
Fly, fly, be free
(help me, help me, help me, help me, help me)

Between clenched teeth

Emergency! Let me be free!

The end.
The Puzzle . . .

The Solution (highlight area to reveal):
In this the only vowels are “e” and “y,” putting a constraint on the text. 
This reflects the constraint of the woman in the lyrics – she is not allowed 
to be herself. Just as the form of the song is constrained to two vowels 
instead of the full six, the subject as well is constrained in her life. 

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