I Love You Bang!

Lyrics by: Henry Biggs

Ah my friends there are so many loves in the world but we sing today for the beauty of that 
very special love that is violent love—ah, yes, to bomb, to destroy others because we love them this, this is looooove

I shoot you once because I love you so bro
I shoot you twice because I love you so much more
I’ll shoot you even three times if I have to
And if I really love you I might even declare war

My bombs are droplets of love, sent from up above
To bring you the shell-shocked bliss I know you dream of
Merry missiles for your mother, blessed bombs for your brother
Not to make you suffer just to help us love one another

What we need here is peace, love, and my understanding 
which is me in command and half of your land and
killing your people at random is that so demanding?  

how can I reach your head, how can I teach you friend?
Why you seein’ all red just cuz your family’s dead
Damn is this all the thanks I get

I love you bang—can’t shoot love from a gun baby
I love you bang—can’t shoot love from a gun

And this violent special love 
It is not only a love between nations, 
But it is also passed among peoples, 
Infecting from generation to generation
Ahhhhh this love, spreading and spreading

Man says I love you boy you know I love you good
It’s cuz I love you boy that I bring the wood
It’s for your manhood blood, to make you shine
So bend over now and let me knot your backside
Quite your crying boy I know it may seem odd 
but in my prayers to god, I always swear to not ever spare the rod 
so square and bare your bod so I can bring my love

Woman, you too, those eyes say you hate it
But I slap you around to show you you are appreciated
Not degraded I know it may sounded twisted
but mine is a bliss that’s not to be resisted
Now come on! You know this hurts me more than you, baby.


From where the sun now stands
I will fight no more forever

The Idea . . .

The world's first violent reggae song.

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