Lyrics Henry Biggs

yes, he's a sweet priest of peace, our kindred, so blest 
a man you can trust, one of us, the gentlest 
holy so soulfully devoted to the lord God
selfless and guiltless, built to witness with reverent awe
and through adversity to suffer for him happily
Because he knows that God the father will prevail
yes he will! Almighty God the eternal colonel will smote the infernal
Yes Wenceslas come just spread your love to humanity
because you see how Grace has no race no place in His place
you are that safe haven, the one person who will save 'em  
when the world goes crazy you will protect every one of 'em
but tell me good Wenceslas you have a crazed look in your eye 
that's got me wondering. . .

And then the sky went black -- and his heart went cold. . .

X marks the spot, where you raped that little girl
X marks the spot, where you stabbed and strangled her
X marks the spot, where you split her little skull
X marks the spot, where you killed, you killed

X marks the spot, where you swore you'd keep 'em safe
X marks the spot, where you had them all betrayed
X marks the spot, where they were slaughtered as they prayed
X marks the spot, where you killed, you killed, you killed, you killed…

then the Tutsis screamed to the world take pity
but the world said let's talk it over in committee
we'll meet in four weeks to begin debating the issue
and if we can all agree they're executing you after another week or two
we will do our best to get a judgment passed against those Hutus
but some say you just like to endlessly kill each other
it's that same old racial hatred that makes you almost want to suffer
as official policy dictates that we observe and not too hastily commit
We'll just read your obits


and so you kept on you stabbed and slaughtered
offed your next door neighbors, slaughtered sons and daughters
no mass homicide the sickest piece of the scene
you murdered one by one, didn't need guns or gasoline
With shanks, shivs, clubs, razors and hand hoes 
you sliced and diced up a sick scene of blood and bones
you chopped, hacked and sliced their bodies apart unabated
and while the people bled, the United Nations debated
and they passed some resolutions and deliberated

And the blood ran cold

CHORUS, Repeat and Fade

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