Check Me Out

Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Check one, check two 
Check three, check me . . . out 
Check one, check two 
Check three, check me . . . out
Got an eye out for you mama-come on you know you wanna  
Let me get you h-h-hotter than a sauna 
Me, me, me so dope, so groovy, so, so fly for a pale guy 
my love’s hotter than the fourth of July,  
Come correct, Krystal, a tuxedo 
Or a teeny speedo, my game’s all that and a bag of ch-ch-cheetoes 
Neat-o, Holy Toledo 
You look so wondrous love the sundress now get undressed 
my love’s thunderous  
Let’s get buck-naked and get a mattress--under us 
Gotta chase ya,  catch ya, be my Cleopatra, do what comes natura(l)  
Do the kama sutra—need you ta be my fyut-cha 
Cuz baby don’t mean to brag don’t mean to boast,  
But coast to coast they want my butter on that breakfast toast


Yes, let me be your sugar daddy my lady  
And be my butterfly and we’ll cocoon together baby  
Moves from Travolta and body by Jake 
Pour your syrup on me and prepare to get pancaked  
What’s your pleasure, Lola? Mazola? Canola or petroleum jelly? 
R Kelly all down your sexy belly 
Come my goddess don’t be modest you the hottest, now why not us? 
Let me be your Casanova, come on and get closah, check the Testarossa,  
Rock the roller-coaster, pack more meat than a Ponderosa 
Ch-ch-check me …out (x4)
The Puzzle . . .

What letter is missing? How does this add to the meaning of the song?

The Solution (highlight area to read):

What’s missing from the lyrics is the letter “i.” The lyrics themselves are boastful and
provocative, revealing a life of sex without substance. Within this life, the subject 
has lost himself in his lifestyle, thus, no “i.” Just as your coach always told you 
“there’s no ‘I’ in team,” there’s no “I” in the type of life the subject leads.

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Bang Bang

Lyrics: Henry Biggs

I woke up- 
Boom! in the gutter and I shuddered  
And recovered 'nother summer 
Getting number goin' under 
Man I wonder is it ever gonna stop!!

Up to the street on my feet take a leak man I reek  
I wipe the puke from my cheek 
And I seek to retreat 
from the pig who beat me last week 
Ah Sh-t 
Here he comes, gotta run from his gun 
Gotta hide, gotta break wide 
Damn pig is thinkin' homicide 
He says punk if I was you I'd 

Come on boy.

Bang, bang, bang play with me 
Bang, bang, bang play with me 
Bang, bang, bang play with me 
Bang, bang, bang--you're dead 
You're dead, boy
You're dead! You're dead!

How you feel boy? Got more where that came from.

Crawlin' from the place wipe the blood from my face 
Disgrace to the human race that's what the man says 
Kicks me in the teeth, losin' strength, lose my breath 
Smell of death closin' in 
I can't win! 
I got nowhere to run to 
There's no escape from this pig's rape 
He's got my head bangin' on a steel grate 
Start to suffocate says son just STOP!

Dance for me boy!


Yeah, this is modern day law and order 
Walkin' a down man down death's corridor 
The rich are beautiful but if you're livin' in shanties 
Polite police become pigs and vigilantes 
You may one day commit the poor man's felony 
And hear  the policeman's pretty little melody 
Being tapped out on your head 
It goes


Rapsody in Blue

Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Here I float again into the color of pain  
Sweet melancholy undefined, unchained  
My blueness, is a mood that rejoices  
A bitterness, left too long voiceless  
A hurt, I try to hold inside  
Flows out of my soul and frees my mind  
I let me pain go and let the notes smooth it  
Moving into the flow of the music  
Alone again my friend but not lonely  
Sadness is carried on the wings of a melody  
I don't hear the breeze and the trees in the wind  
Stop their whistlin' and seem to be listenin'  
Feel sad, but it ain't half-bad  
Walkin' in space flyin' above the wasteland  
Down cuz I ain't got you  
But I'm cradled by my rapsody in blue 

Rapsody in Blue  
My sweet rapsody in blue  
My bittersweet rapsody in blue 

I loved hard, lord I never saw it comin'  
I handed my heart and soul to that woman  
I get down from old thoughts of happiness  
brushin' her hair back the warmth of her wet kiss  
Fingers walkin' the soft of her smooth skin  
Body in rhythm that rolled like a sweet sin  
She's gone how come my story won't end?  
Just let me flow into my senses and then  
There it is notes bathe my senses  
body goes limp notes leave me defenseless  
Free again from that cradlin' sound  
My feet fly off the ground  


Though I feel the pain, I'm still smilin'  
cuz the music boats me to my own little island  
I feel like I'm deep into sleep and dreamin'  
chasin' away all the world's demons  
Blues flow through me and feelings of no hope  
Are turned around by my bluesy kaleidoscope  
Weightlessness, my ego goes  
And me I just bounce and roll like a yo-yo  
Melt into fluid go to it let your heart go  
Hang your head low and slow up the tempo  
Cry and you'll be cradled too  
by that sweet little Rapsody in blue

Refrain x 2The Idea . . .

Plain and simple--rap over blues makes r(h)apsody in blue. To learn more
about the forms of each, check the websites below:

More information on RAP

More information on BLUES

War and Peace

Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Give me War! Blood, guts and gore 
The apocalypse on tour! 
War feel me comin' 
Come back here boy where you runnin' 
War! So beautiful,  
ah the squish when I split your skull
I need a bloodlettin' 
I see your terror set in 
a little taste of armageddon 
That's why peace is so upsettin'

I need war and for you it's bye bye 
I laugh watchin you die

War blood's on fire 
War take me higher 
War feel the love 
Come on baby light me up

War, and I will dance in your blood 
A little death makes me feel so good

War and I'm its slut 
Break wide or you gonna get cut

I need a bloodlettin' 
I see your terror set in 
a little taste of armageddon 
That's why peace is so upsettin' 

War blood's on fire 
War take me higher 
War feel the love 
Come on baby light me up

War, forever more there will be  
War, war, war, war!!

Peace, one day, one day
Peace, Peace.

Peace, feel the sweet release  
Serenity from the world's white heat 
Anger bubbles but I don't respond 
my mind drifts way beyond 
And floats gently on,  
the ripples of a pond

One day, peace, one day, peace, one day, peace.

Peace, feel love's increase 
Let its warmth bathe you in soft relief 
Put down your sword, move toward 
Peace, one day, peace, peace.

Smile, chile 
Cuz resistance is futile,  
drink from cool waters, be smarter 
drift from the rivers of slaughter 
Pepper... controversy mmm... 
with the salt of mercy 
Peace, let anger cease 
Soothe the savage beast 
Rejoice, and with one voice 
One day
Peace, one day, peace.

Mysterious Ways

Lryics: Henry Biggs

Whispering breezes let me walk in your mysterious ways 
Love and freedom let me do all your good book says

I wanna sing and swing to your wonderful ways 
I wanna live and breathe all the good book says 
Bathe my soul in the joy of your sweet word 
Bow all day and I’ll pray to you lord 
Throw my soul at the feet of your holy crown 
Be a slave to your love for a freedom I’ve never known 
And I hear you I know all the evil that money does 
I know from it flows all the pain of the world’s woes 
But cash-wise I wonder is your church as pure as holy water 
Is it freed from the greed that damns eternity later 
Is it freed from the creed that makes the flesh fall weak 
Church seems to flow to dough but not quite so to heartbreak

Mysterious ways, mysterious ways

Refrain x 2

I heard a preacher say “people, peace was paid by Jesus Christ 
Hung on a cross nails twisted into each wrist 
Eyes rolled upward crowned with a death wreath 
He begged for our forgiveness as he breathed his last breath 
God sacrificed his son, grace won through his wounds 
So, be not distressed we’re blessed with love that knew no bounds 
For this I say be loud, walk unbowed 
It is to you paradise is owed 
But only if you, god’s glorious hand-picked 
Drink his son’s blood and rage against the wicked 
And as the crowd screamed for more with their hands stretched out 
He cried with love we will stomp, stomp the hateful wretched out

Stomp, rage? Mysterious ways, mysterious ways
Mysterious ways, mysterious ways


And the lord cradles me and says “child I’m so sorry 
For any doubt I’ve caused, any sadness or worry 
Know my child” she whispers gently in my ear 
"Love is all that matters to this and to you, I swear”


My lord sure tough to swallow 
Church can be so cold so petty so shallow 
I have found amazing grace in a church or two 
But two is too few so I decided a while ago 
When I need sweet peace to ease my wayward mind 
I close my eyes and listen for your voice in the wind 
I watch a waving field, take a walk in a cool wood 
I feel you come over me man that’s my kind of soul food 
Singin’ through the trees, bloomin’ in every flower 
Weepin’ through the willow trees, swayin’ ever lower 
Thundering through the ocean and riding every wave 
I know you’re there and you’re all I gotta have

My kind…of mysterious ways, mysterious ways (x2)

Refrain x 2
The puzzle. . .

Notice that each pair of lines looks like it should rhyme, but doesn't. What
is the one letter that is in the last word of either or both lines in each pair?

What is the shape of this letter? More specifically, what number is this letter
most similar to?

What significance does this number carry with regards to religion?

How does the use of this letter and the significance it carries add to the meaning?

Explanation (highlight area to reveal):
The letter "w" is the letter that throws the rhyme off, 
and this letter is most similar to the number 3 (the "w"is three-pronged). 
The number 3 has tons of significance in many different
religions (click here to find out more about this significance), therefore in this song
"w" is a symbol of religion. The song's theme is of the lies and corruption of religion.
Headmess questions religion through his lyrics, and the fact that the "w"is the letter 
that destroys each rhyme is symbolic of how religion doesn't seem to make sense, just
as a rap without rhyme doesn't make much sense.
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Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Ecstasy is me—and my voodoO
Knockin’ you out—uhh—til the break a dawN
All my lovin’ is all you gonna ever wanT
Sex you -- my love is such a smooth feeL
Relax --get woozy-- melt in my JacuzzI
Oil you up --and knock your sweet bootS
Fly funky chicken comin’ home to your roosT
Devilish-- you know I get the job donE
Nibble on your ear and sex you in the hot suN
At my touch it’s magic—HoudinI
Entrance you in my love and dizzyin’ body heaT
Titillatin’ giratin’—raw like sushI
And hot--try me on my yacht--in the west keyS
Livin’ to love oooh my hot little mamA
Open ‘em up for the genu-wine originaL

Wrap, wrap you in my web of love
Wrap, wrap you in my lyrical delirium
Wrap, wrap you in my web of love
Wrab, wrap now can you read where I’m comin’ from?

Sex machine, I’m a fiend I’m the real deaL
Every lady loves my dreamy creamy sex appeaL
Darlin’—why you still in that bikinI
Don’t hesitate baby, you know you wanna do mE!
Naked I take it break you off a slow kisS
And Abracadabra--- -a sex sandwicH
Tower of love power, master of the hemispherE
Comin’ non-stop, best believe what you hear, heaR?
Extreemmee –my little cheriE
Jump for my love & moan baby oui, oui, ouI
Beg for it, gotta love my wild wayS
Achin’ for my oooh la French me now s’il vous plaiT
Work it mama, can’t never get enougH
Once you got mine you’ll swear I’m sent from up abovE
Lip-smackin’ tongue waggin’ action from the experT
Sit back and learn from love’s smoooooth ambassadoR


Got a hungry desire and got you on my menU
Nothin’ could be finer than a taste of your sweet fruiT
If you give me the time when I get througH
You be moanin’ for my mojo, screamin’ for my big booM
Do it baby ----(come on), toi et moI
Every single night I rock a new one in my armS
Make no mistake, don’t matter who you arE
I know the drill, candlelight and caviaR
Tickled at my touch from New York to CaliforniA
Groanin’ for that love rub a dub in a hot tuB
Never stop my funk baby sweeter than a jellyrolL
Insane ---the way I run ‘em up my flagpolE
King kong of love—danger—clear the areA
Ragin’ through my women like Conan the BarbariaN
Action all night --love’s lounge lizarD
MM…I DELIVERThe Puzzle . . .

Pay close attention to the capital letters.

This is an acrostic. To find the hidden message, pay close attention to the title.

How does the message contribute to the meaning of the song?

The Solution (highlight area to reveal):
“Don’t listen, it is all lies, here is the truth: miserable and reviled, 
I’m marking time, dying slow abject and desolate and forsaken.” 
This is spelled out in the CAPS starting at the top right of the lyrics and 
WRAPPING (notice the title “Wrap”) around the lyrics ending at the top left. 
This again reflects the loneliness of “Check Me Out” – life without substance is no life to live.

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