Check Me Out

Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Check one, check two 
Check three, check me . . . out 
Check one, check two 
Check three, check me . . . out
Got an eye out for you mama-come on you know you wanna  
Let me get you h-h-hotter than a sauna 
Me, me, me so dope, so groovy, so, so fly for a pale guy 
my love’s hotter than the fourth of July,  
Come correct, Krystal, a tuxedo 
Or a teeny speedo, my game’s all that and a bag of ch-ch-cheetoes 
Neat-o, Holy Toledo 
You look so wondrous love the sundress now get undressed 
my love’s thunderous  
Let’s get buck-naked and get a mattress--under us 
Gotta chase ya,  catch ya, be my Cleopatra, do what comes natura(l)  
Do the kama sutra—need you ta be my fyut-cha 
Cuz baby don’t mean to brag don’t mean to boast,  
But coast to coast they want my butter on that breakfast toast


Yes, let me be your sugar daddy my lady  
And be my butterfly and we’ll cocoon together baby  
Moves from Travolta and body by Jake 
Pour your syrup on me and prepare to get pancaked  
What’s your pleasure, Lola? Mazola? Canola or petroleum jelly? 
R Kelly all down your sexy belly 
Come my goddess don’t be modest you the hottest, now why not us? 
Let me be your Casanova, come on and get closah, check the Testarossa,  
Rock the roller-coaster, pack more meat than a Ponderosa 
Ch-ch-check me …out (x4)
The Puzzle . . .

What letter is missing? How does this add to the meaning of the song?

The Solution (highlight area to read):

What’s missing from the lyrics is the letter “i.” The lyrics themselves are boastful and
provocative, revealing a life of sex without substance. Within this life, the subject 
has lost himself in his lifestyle, thus, no “i.” Just as your coach always told you 
“there’s no ‘I’ in team,” there’s no “I” in the type of life the subject leads.

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