Mysterious Ways

Lryics: Henry Biggs

Whispering breezes let me walk in your mysterious ways 
Love and freedom let me do all your good book says

I wanna sing and swing to your wonderful ways 
I wanna live and breathe all the good book says 
Bathe my soul in the joy of your sweet word 
Bow all day and I’ll pray to you lord 
Throw my soul at the feet of your holy crown 
Be a slave to your love for a freedom I’ve never known 
And I hear you I know all the evil that money does 
I know from it flows all the pain of the world’s woes 
But cash-wise I wonder is your church as pure as holy water 
Is it freed from the greed that damns eternity later 
Is it freed from the creed that makes the flesh fall weak 
Church seems to flow to dough but not quite so to heartbreak

Mysterious ways, mysterious ways

Refrain x 2

I heard a preacher say “people, peace was paid by Jesus Christ 
Hung on a cross nails twisted into each wrist 
Eyes rolled upward crowned with a death wreath 
He begged for our forgiveness as he breathed his last breath 
God sacrificed his son, grace won through his wounds 
So, be not distressed we’re blessed with love that knew no bounds 
For this I say be loud, walk unbowed 
It is to you paradise is owed 
But only if you, god’s glorious hand-picked 
Drink his son’s blood and rage against the wicked 
And as the crowd screamed for more with their hands stretched out 
He cried with love we will stomp, stomp the hateful wretched out

Stomp, rage? Mysterious ways, mysterious ways
Mysterious ways, mysterious ways


And the lord cradles me and says “child I’m so sorry 
For any doubt I’ve caused, any sadness or worry 
Know my child” she whispers gently in my ear 
"Love is all that matters to this and to you, I swear”


My lord sure tough to swallow 
Church can be so cold so petty so shallow 
I have found amazing grace in a church or two 
But two is too few so I decided a while ago 
When I need sweet peace to ease my wayward mind 
I close my eyes and listen for your voice in the wind 
I watch a waving field, take a walk in a cool wood 
I feel you come over me man that’s my kind of soul food 
Singin’ through the trees, bloomin’ in every flower 
Weepin’ through the willow trees, swayin’ ever lower 
Thundering through the ocean and riding every wave 
I know you’re there and you’re all I gotta have

My kind…of mysterious ways, mysterious ways (x2)

Refrain x 2
The puzzle. . .

Notice that each pair of lines looks like it should rhyme, but doesn't. What
is the one letter that is in the last word of either or both lines in each pair?

What is the shape of this letter? More specifically, what number is this letter
most similar to?

What significance does this number carry with regards to religion?

How does the use of this letter and the significance it carries add to the meaning?

Explanation (highlight area to reveal):
The letter "w" is the letter that throws the rhyme off, 
and this letter is most similar to the number 3 (the "w"is three-pronged). 
The number 3 has tons of significance in many different
religions (click here to find out more about this significance), therefore in this song
"w" is a symbol of religion. The song's theme is of the lies and corruption of religion.
Headmess questions religion through his lyrics, and the fact that the "w"is the letter 
that destroys each rhyme is symbolic of how religion doesn't seem to make sense, just
as a rap without rhyme doesn't make much sense.
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