Rapsody in Blue

Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Here I float again into the color of pain  
Sweet melancholy undefined, unchained  
My blueness, is a mood that rejoices  
A bitterness, left too long voiceless  
A hurt, I try to hold inside  
Flows out of my soul and frees my mind  
I let me pain go and let the notes smooth it  
Moving into the flow of the music  
Alone again my friend but not lonely  
Sadness is carried on the wings of a melody  
I don't hear the breeze and the trees in the wind  
Stop their whistlin' and seem to be listenin'  
Feel sad, but it ain't half-bad  
Walkin' in space flyin' above the wasteland  
Down cuz I ain't got you  
But I'm cradled by my rapsody in blue 

Rapsody in Blue  
My sweet rapsody in blue  
My bittersweet rapsody in blue 

I loved hard, lord I never saw it comin'  
I handed my heart and soul to that woman  
I get down from old thoughts of happiness  
brushin' her hair back the warmth of her wet kiss  
Fingers walkin' the soft of her smooth skin  
Body in rhythm that rolled like a sweet sin  
She's gone how come my story won't end?  
Just let me flow into my senses and then  
There it is notes bathe my senses  
body goes limp notes leave me defenseless  
Free again from that cradlin' sound  
My feet fly off the ground  


Though I feel the pain, I'm still smilin'  
cuz the music boats me to my own little island  
I feel like I'm deep into sleep and dreamin'  
chasin' away all the world's demons  
Blues flow through me and feelings of no hope  
Are turned around by my bluesy kaleidoscope  
Weightlessness, my ego goes  
And me I just bounce and roll like a yo-yo  
Melt into fluid go to it let your heart go  
Hang your head low and slow up the tempo  
Cry and you'll be cradled too  
by that sweet little Rapsody in blue

Refrain x 2The Idea . . .

Plain and simple--rap over blues makes r(h)apsody in blue. To learn more
about the forms of each, check the websites below:

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