Lyrics: Henry Biggs

Ecstasy is me—and my voodoO
Knockin’ you out—uhh—til the break a dawN
All my lovin’ is all you gonna ever wanT
Sex you -- my love is such a smooth feeL
Relax --get woozy-- melt in my JacuzzI
Oil you up --and knock your sweet bootS
Fly funky chicken comin’ home to your roosT
Devilish-- you know I get the job donE
Nibble on your ear and sex you in the hot suN
At my touch it’s magic—HoudinI
Entrance you in my love and dizzyin’ body heaT
Titillatin’ giratin’—raw like sushI
And hot--try me on my yacht--in the west keyS
Livin’ to love oooh my hot little mamA
Open ‘em up for the genu-wine originaL

Wrap, wrap you in my web of love
Wrap, wrap you in my lyrical delirium
Wrap, wrap you in my web of love
Wrab, wrap now can you read where I’m comin’ from?

Sex machine, I’m a fiend I’m the real deaL
Every lady loves my dreamy creamy sex appeaL
Darlin’—why you still in that bikinI
Don’t hesitate baby, you know you wanna do mE!
Naked I take it break you off a slow kisS
And Abracadabra--- -a sex sandwicH
Tower of love power, master of the hemispherE
Comin’ non-stop, best believe what you hear, heaR?
Extreemmee –my little cheriE
Jump for my love & moan baby oui, oui, ouI
Beg for it, gotta love my wild wayS
Achin’ for my oooh la French me now s’il vous plaiT
Work it mama, can’t never get enougH
Once you got mine you’ll swear I’m sent from up abovE
Lip-smackin’ tongue waggin’ action from the experT
Sit back and learn from love’s smoooooth ambassadoR


Got a hungry desire and got you on my menU
Nothin’ could be finer than a taste of your sweet fruiT
If you give me the time when I get througH
You be moanin’ for my mojo, screamin’ for my big booM
Do it baby ----(come on), toi et moI
Every single night I rock a new one in my armS
Make no mistake, don’t matter who you arE
I know the drill, candlelight and caviaR
Tickled at my touch from New York to CaliforniA
Groanin’ for that love rub a dub in a hot tuB
Never stop my funk baby sweeter than a jellyrolL
Insane ---the way I run ‘em up my flagpolE
King kong of love—danger—clear the areA
Ragin’ through my women like Conan the BarbariaN
Action all night --love’s lounge lizarD
MM…I DELIVERThe Puzzle . . .

Pay close attention to the capital letters.

This is an acrostic. To find the hidden message, pay close attention to the title.

How does the message contribute to the meaning of the song?

The Solution (highlight area to reveal):
“Don’t listen, it is all lies, here is the truth: miserable and reviled, 
I’m marking time, dying slow abject and desolate and forsaken.” 
This is spelled out in the CAPS starting at the top right of the lyrics and 
WRAPPING (notice the title “Wrap”) around the lyrics ending at the top left. 
This again reflects the loneliness of “Check Me Out” – life without substance is no life to live.

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