Lyrics: Henry Biggs
Music: Henry Biggs and Mylene Farmer

Lyrics: Henry Biggs
Music: Henry Biggs and Mylene Farmer

I don't rhyme on time cuz that's just nickel and dime 
elementary simplicity wasn't meant to be for me see 
I'm about rhythmry I dance the street off-beat 
bang out a Coltrain cross-grain chain in off-beat syncopation 
tempo redone on the run son that's my style of rock and soul 
cold bold scratched creole's the goal so just roll reel and feel the beat 
heat you up no stopping my free form yo I scorn the norm just a storm 
born of techno hop hop hip doped lipmanship a stripped down jam damn! 
slam and jump pump those bass and drums Cuz here I come chump This line is mine 
throwing down off-off-time off- rhyme a groove 
now move prove you're smooth keep my step yep get busy 
slingin rhymes so fast you get dizzy hit and rip faster than a whip tip 
now funk my rhythmry

rhythmry can you keep with me rhythmry (x4)

Down tall buildings with a single off sinc can't think 
blink your eyes and surprise I fly right by cuz my game's insane 
inhumane a flame burnin down the house can't douse this out, 
boooyscout uh uh cuz I got too hot, I gallop non-stop this thump and pop 
is a shot of stomp, a boom that fills the room 
an intense cadence counter-accents experience 
an off-stressness, yes let body flex and sex my complex 
break-neck text'll work your twinkies 
so no weak knees please come on and just run go, 
flow to this show yo know I rap rococo 
bring my thing on counterswing, suh its-a-evil arrythmia 
comin on a hip hop hop to ya, uhhuh brothuh it's


One more time-I'm-on my off-rhyme beat crimes 
feeling rhythmly sexy crazy, girls beg me to funk in rhythmry 
meter wacked ecstasy agree it's rapture, damn sure, 
captured girls just purr pleasure that has no measure 
grrrrrrrrr the tiger of-love, off-swing rhythuming I bring 
makes 'em sing fly on wings bells ring ding-a-ling my meter's drunk, 
punk off-drum funky, strictly slick rhythmicity slapped silly beat 
so sweet bass thumps you bump those tight rumps to this noise 
from hell a bombshell dropped pell mell a voodoo spell, no status quo 
but an inferno you don't know can't guess my finesse you jes lost tossed 
like shake and bake at break-neck speed a blast of fast a streak of rhythmry

The Idea. . .

EARNEST, earthless, equal, attuneable, ' vaulty, voluminous, … stupendous
Evening strains to be tíme’s vást, ' womb-of-all, home-of-all, hearse-of-all night.
Her fond yellow hornlight wound to the west, ' her wild hollow 
hoarlight hung to the height
Waste; her earliest stars, earl-stars, ' stárs principal, overbend us,
Fíre-féaturing heaven. For earth ' her being has unbound, 
her dapple is at an end, astray or aswarm, 
all throughther, in throngs; ' self ín self steedèd and páshed—qúite
Disremembering, dísmémbering ' áll now. Heart, you round me right.

-Gerard Manley "Hip" Hopkins, from Spelt from Sibyl's Leaves

Gerard Manley Hopkins is known as the discoverer of sprung rhythm, which 
rejects the classical poetry style of a rhyming couplet and sturctured
stresses. Instead, it imitates the rhythm of natural speech based on stresses
and internal rhyme. Headmess uses internal rhyme and tries to rhyme within
each line for as long as possible, thus the title Rhythmry. Try to find his longest
stretch of rhyme!

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